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Recruitment training

TONY BYRNE - TRAINING PROGRAMME  Trainer - Glenda Harding, Accredited Professional Recruiter(APRCSA)


Trainer - Glenda Harding, Accredited Professional Recruiter(APRCSA)

Around the globe, ARB Productions are best known for their live training. On any given day Licensees of the ARB Programme are working in-house with recruiters at the biggest and best placement firms in the world. Training courses, held bi-monthly, have led the way to success for thousands of new consultants. Many of the phrases, forms, deal formats and strategies which have become standard industry practice originate from this course.
Glenda is proud to be associated with a product as professional as the Tony Byrne Training Programme and enjoys offering this unique training package to the recruitment industry in New Zealand. Glenda believes a lot of consultants spend their time:

  • Interviewing candidates unnecessarily

  • Working with candidates who are not serious about changing jobs

  • Working on job orders that they are unlikely to place


Learn all about the infamous ‘30 Steps In The Placement Process’ and discover how to:

  • profile candidates more effectively on the telephone

  • identify if a job order is viable

  • say ‘no’ to a client

  • become a lot more effective as a biller

  • have lots of success with marketing

  • identify a high demand candidate and market them

  • source candidates through a variety of methods

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Topics covered include:

  • Taking a complete job order

  • Characteristics of a complete job order

  • Characteristics of an ideal candidate

  • Recruiting presentation

  • Candidate profiling

  • Presenting candidates to clients

  • Marketing candidates to clients where a job order doesn’t exist

  • Preparing candidates for interviews

  • Debriefing candidates after interviews

  • Closing deals

  • Preparing candidates for resignation

  • How to handle counteroffers

Your investment

includes all course material, morning and afternoon breaks, unlimited support post the training

Inhouse training

$2,000 + gst per day + travel & accommodation costs


$950 for two day course


Course time table

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next course

10 to 11 June, Auckland