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Recruitment Testimonials



Harding Consultants are proud of the ongoing, consistent testimonials they receive for their training. Below is a snippet of the many satisfied customers who've shared their feedback with us.


Tash Vranjes, Portfolio Recruitment

Prior to becoming a recruitment consultants I was a client and used recruiters that had been to Harding training courses and others that hadn’t - and you can tell the difference. The level of candidate from Harding trained consultants was always superior and I would say we went with their candidate 90% of the time.


Nigel Irwin, Cornerstone Recruitment

Thought I would drop you a line to reiterate my thanks for the excellent course - very practical and particularly good value for someone new to the industry with no bad-habits already ingrained!  The process works - it is so simple to follow and seems very natural.... so much so that last Friday, after just 5 proper days in the job, I made my first placement.  I placed a high-calibre Sales Consultant with a boating/marine client of ours. 
Having been in the sales/marketing field for over 8 years, you can imagine how many courses I have attended - I can quite honestly say that none have given me half-as-much as the Tony Byrne course. 


Warren Falconer, Reliance Recruitment

I would recommend this course to other consultants because the value and course content would increase skills and knowledge. 


Tony Silcock, North Canterbury Employment Solutions

Being new to recruitment, I am taking away a very useful set of tools and fresh ideas that will help me develop to become a successful consultant.


Darelle Jones, Debbie Graham & Associates

Glenda is so approachable, puts consultants at ease but yet gives us the encouragement and motivation to use the system and to be successful. This course really built my confidence to approach the direct marketing. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, bouncing ideas off other consultants was very helpful.


Jason McLean, Key Recruitment

This course puts structure and reason behind what should be done to achieve results. Highly recommended, a must for any recruiter.


Anca Dragomir, Phoenix Recruitment Services

I would recommend this course because we learn every day and sharing your experience with others and vice versa is always beneficial, there is always room for improvement. The induction provided by Phoenix had been very exhaustive but Glenda did give us some comprehensive and very useful tips and tricks. Thank you Glenda


John Tait, Phoenix Recruitment Services

Yes, I would recommend this course – very informative, good basic tips and loads of common sense. Well delivered, Glenda has a very relaxed, informative and inclusive style


Sandra Allen, The Right Staff

I was very impressed with the wealth of information provided and the format of delivery. Glenda is very able and easily encouraged group participation. Very open forum and very constructive.


Vince McPhee, Chandler McLeod Ltd

No-one should recruit without this as part of their induction process.


Kris Villaflores, ECS Personnel

Very informative, I have learnt a lot in 3 days!  Great facilitator, job well done!


Kate Cobb, Cornerstone Recruitment

Highly recommended! Thanks so much Glenda – really appreciate how you tweaked the presentation to be personalised. Great for start-up, but also reformatting recruitment operation day to day.