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The theme of this year’s conference is "10 years to change our World?"

This theme will focus on the future viability and prosperity of the planet; which will depend on the decisions and actions taken over the next decade.

Some fundamental matters to be addressed will be:
·       Managing travel demand
·       The use of new technologies
·       Planning the thinking to reduce vehicle emissions.

The clear scientific evidence is that there is no time to waste.
The next 10 years is also the timeframe for the new 2020 road safety strategy. We failed badly to meet the 2010 safety strategy targets at great cost to thousands of New Zealanders. We need to ensure we succeed in reducing road deaths and injuries over the decade of the 2020 Safety Strategy.

The 2010 conference will have a wide range of speakers to provide us with the latest information, guidance and incentives. This will enable all of us as transport professionals and policy makers to play our part in these unfolding dramas and in creating the future we want.

We will hear from leading politicians, policy makers, practitioners and academics from New Zealand and overseas, across a full spectrum of transport topics.